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I Know Nothing Yet I Feel It All

I spend so much time trying to figure it all out. The moments I feel best are when I surrender and give into the fact that just being with the moments are what matter most.

The sun, the moon, the stars up in the sky

The trees, the leaves, the soil, the rocks, the rivers and streams, the mountains and plains down here on Earth

The wind and the air against my face

Gusting and Blowing

The rain falling from the heavens

Laying in a freshwater lake

A saltwater sea

Breathing in the ocean air

The ritual of fire

The power

The force

The mesmerizing dance of flames drifting me away

The dirt in my hands

So soothing and real

Some days I think I know some things

But the next I know nothing

When I look up to the sky at night

I feel so small yet so big

I know nothing yet I feel it all

When I walk through the forest

I am moved to tears

All tension and stress falls away

I am cleared by the deep vibration of the giants

They hold me like a great Earth mother

Cleansing water

Purify me

Clear me


Glacier water to drink and to bath

Saltwater to clear

Wash away all I do not need

I watch the flames feed off of each other

Devouring what it comes across

Like a hunger

Like a burning desire

I know nothing yet I feel it all

I try to understand but slowly realize my efforts are futile

Understanding is my need for control

The more I think I know

The stronger my need for control is

Surrender, Surrender

Fall down and break

Feel it all

The knowing is in the feeling

The knowing sits in my belly not my mind

The knowing is in the sun, the stars and the moon

The trees, the leaves, the soil, the rocks, the rivers and streams, the mountains and the plains

It's in the wind

The water

The fire

The dirt

It's in the feeling.

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4 comentarios

Beautifully written. Knowing IS in the feeling, it's like coming home. Nature is a power that we can understand, we cannot control. It's Her love that surrounds us. We can wrap ourselves in Her and listen to Her musical voice. All we can do is feel.

Me gusta

01 may 2020

What a heartfelt piece about nature elements💕How could you write so creatively and effectively on each that it takes the readers imagination into places with you. I just love how you represent each. This piece makes me wanna open the window, stretch my hand outside in the air, appreciate and feel it since that is the closest way I can be with the nature and the only thing can do now while on quarantine in a highrise room (sigh)

Me gusta

That is so beautiful,thank you.

Me gusta

I love this piece, the connection to nature ...the beauty, power, and tranquility it pours into our bodies. Beautifully created.....this is one of my favorites so far....

Me gusta
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