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I'm A Sucker For a Sad Song

I have always been so curious about my feelings. Although, in order to cope I spent quite some time pushing them away. Then when I started to discover them buried within, I became increasingly fascinated and oh so determined to learn about them all.

I’m a sucker for a sad song

Rip my heart out

I want you to 

Make me cry

Make me feel

I can handle it

I’m a sucker for a sad song

I want to feel your sorrow

Sing your voice into my soul

Unlock the trappings

Unlock something divine

Show me God

I’m not afraid to show you my heart

I’ll show you my tears, my fears

I’ll show you my rage

You see the sweet

I’ll show you the darkness

I’ll show you the pain

Let’s just be humans together

Let’s feel the things, the tings, the pings and pangs

Let’s feel our hearts and not lie about it to our face

I’m a sucker for a sad song

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Use It


It flows through you

Music screams for us to feel, to move, to release

Sad songs bring pain, tears

Angry songs bring thrashing, screaming

Happy songs bring smiles, laughter

Is it the powerful lyrics of the song?

Is it the soulful serenade of the guitar?

Is it the pounding beats of the drum?

Emotions drain, exhaustion consumes

You feel lighter, clearminded

You look back at yourself, smile, knowing you are reborn to feel & move forward

It flows through you

Thanks for sharing. You seem to be able to 'hit the spot'. Cheers.


April Virkaitis
April Virkaitis
May 14, 2020

Very intriguing indeed. Music has a lot of power. I think some take that power for granted. Words- wether there is music behind them or not can be piercing. We learn. We grow. We look forward and only with a glimpse-do we look back. It is forward that our hearts and minds lead us. But remember- what is behind you is simply a lesson. There are many more to come.. and soon.. they will be behind you too. Nice work PG. 🙏


Danelle Daly
Danelle Daly
May 14, 2020

Thank you Natalie for sharing your inner thoughts and feelings with us. Your words bring me back to a very dark and painful time in my life. The difference now is I know those deep painful memories can come up, but they don’t have to stay permanently. It’s just a piece of me. I needed to experience that to appreciate the light and blessings life also brings. ❤️


Absolutely love reading all off your bio Natalie Krill the words give you real feeling 💖


The darkness and the pain.... at times those things can haunt us yet makes us stronger and more aware of our inner selves....another great piece. Thank you for sharing 💗

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