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Shedding Skin

Often times when I work myself through a difficult feeling or an issue I am dealing with internally, I tend to feel as though something has released. Like I’ve stepped into a new light. Like a snake, that I have shed a skin that no longer fits me.

This movement through the issue tends to take on a life of its own that I am a witness to. I have grown to honour these parts of myself. Let them have their time to feel free and have space. Rather than condemning them.

Waking up with tears in my eyes

There is that feeling again

Pulling me in

Pulling me under

I like it

It’s calling me to feel

Feel what is hidden

Did I push it away

Did I shove it down

I don’t need to name it

Knotting up my heart

And closing down my throat

It slithers through my body

Be free

Make your way through all of me

I surrender to myself

A deeper breath than I have felt in a while releases through me

Change can be hard

It can hurt and sting

It can feel like venom

Coursing through my veins

But without it what am I

Resisting it feels harder

So tiresome

And Boring

Shed my skin that has grown to tight

Let it move through me

Ride the wave

And step into the new day

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Lee Dumont
Lee Dumont
Apr 18, 2022

Evolution is painful, but stagnation is even worse. There can be no judgements on changing because there is no baseline for "normal" only new experiences and a rebirth everyday when we wake up and face the new possibilities.


It's like letting go of the darkness or negativity to allow the light or happiness in. It tends to be lighter, loosening the choke the darkness has on you. Sometimes holding onto it is like a routine, but if you allow change...great emotions & feelings happen. The change is within you & around you, always. Accepting it is the hardest but best part. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

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