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The Dragon Egg On The Hill

My imagination ran wild as a child. It still does. Something about those big prairie skies that did it for me. I’ve always had a fascination with dragons, witches and magic. I think this is why.

The sky in the prairies makes you feel magical

The clouds would roll through

Their shapes would light up my imagination

There were bizarre creatures and warriors and fairies in those clouds

They took me away

That big sky took my breath and my mind away to the land of my wildest dreams

I was a warrior princess looking over her kingdom

In the distance I could see a giant egg

Well, I knew what that was

It could only be one thing

It was a dragon egg

I would spend my days, binoculars in hand, patrolling my land

I would monitor the egg

I wonder when the mama dragon will come back to her egg

Surely the baby dragon will hatch soon

The mama will want to be there for that

Everyday when I got off the school bus, I would quickly look off to the egg

Nope, not yet, It’s still there

I patiently waited for the mama to return

In the meantime, my mind wandered

I dreamt of the day when this baby dragon would be with me

He would be my best friend

We would protect our kingdom together

I thought about building the dragons a house

But wasn’t sure on the size as I hadn’t met them yet

That could be figured out later

Time went by

Days went by

Years went by

The dragon egg never hatched


Well because my dragon egg is a water tower

I now know why the mama never came back to her dragon egg

Because an evil witch turned that poor egg into a water tower

The Mama dragon must have been off chasing that witch.

It may sound wild and strange but I think about that big sky and that dragon egg often

It brings such a warmth to my heart

Those lazy days as a kid where I was free to let my imagination and curiosity run wild were such a gift

I am lucky

Lucky to have been free as a child

Lucky to have been able to dream

Dreaming is a gift

Being free to dream leads to all the best things in life

If I can inspire anything

I hope its dreams

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