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Use It

There’s no doubt that there will be more difficult waves for me to swim through. But the one thing I remind myself of, is that my peace is always at my fingertips. I make that choice.

It’s a dull ache

In my tummy

It’s a vibration of thoughts

It’s a shake

It’s a quiver

It’s in my bones

It’s in my veins

Sometimes it hurts

Like a sadness

A heartbreak

Cloak of grief

Burden of loss

Weight of memory

And she whispered

Use it

Use it for good

Let it flow through you

Use it

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4 commentaires

Danelle Daly
Danelle Daly
30 mai 2020

Thank you for sharing this Nat. I often forget I am in control of my own peace despite the chaos of life sometimes.

I absolutely love this beautiful photo of you too. It is a very peaceful look almost angel like.

❤️ Danielle


Well....I should have read this when I woke up this afternoon, it would have helped me a bit. Always pushing, love the words. I am repeating them out loud as I listen to the rain. It soothes me, it cleanses me.

Thanks. Cheers.


Well, I’ve never been able to describe all that I feel with my severe depression. Usually I struggle with the words to describe it. You just did! And it’s a poem. You made something that is a daily monster for me into something beautiful. The words within, the strength within. I think this is truly your gift. Your words resonate. Once again, profound!!! Thank you ❤️ MJ


29 mai 2020

It feels like you've been penning what others are feeling deep inside them, you can just see right through it💓Thank you nat, and yes, I am going to USE IT!✊🏼

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